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July 25, 2007



Well said my friend! Have a wonderful time in California...you'll be missed!


Thank you for taking this all with you wonderful sense of humor! God Bless!


Amen, sister :o)


I read that comment yesterday and it made me want to throw up. Really. Who would write that in good conscience anywhere?

Well said. I'll just say "ditto" and you go girl!!


I'm all for live and let live. One of my friends applied to seminary school and asked me (an atheist) to write her recommendation, which I was honored and glad to do. I still can't understand why anyone cares what anyone else believes in, personally, as long as that person isn't forcing their beliefs on anyone else. Sheesh.

Fascinating adventure you have been on. I'm glad you don't take any of the ugly to heart. There are lots of unpleasant people just waiting to get a rise out of you.


Hey Miss (or Mr. Corbie) thanks for leaving a comment without being about to trace you. Again, THAT IS WHAT I WAS DOING, I WAS CHECKING IT OUT! That is exactly what I was doing. READ THE POSTS. Yes, I'm yelling here.

And, if you really want to have a dialog about this together, then don't leave a comment that I can't write you back. That is called BEING A COWARD.

You've been deleted.
Now give it up already!

Tracey in MI

Hmmm... just stopped by to say thnx for asking the question I had but didn't voice---knitting a mystery had me a bit worried--- what if the theme was something I found ofensive? Sorry you came under fire-sheesh. the internets can be testy!

Lets knit on, shall we?


Mary-Kay, I would knit with you anytime, anywhere and I know there would be nothing but laughter! ;) Also, I have the information on that comment.. zip code.. state.. Original ISP provider.. and a phone number to contact them... I will email it to you privately!




Have fun on your trip! What a horrible response to a simple question!! I saw the note from the moderators about it and didn't realize the question came from you. My heart went out to whoever was taking that kind of abuse so now that I know who to send hugs to consider yourself hugged.


You so totally rock, Mary-Kay! Sorry, too much Nemo....

Judy P

Bravo, M_K, hang in there and don't let the others dilute your wonderful spirit. You and your yarn are wonderful.

Betsy Kleger

Mary-Kay: I can vouch that you are one of the funnest people alive and I have a BALL knitting and laughing with you. I also want to apologize on behalf of the non-Christian community as these vitriolic attacks are just so over the top and uncalled for. Have a great vacation!


Hi Mary Kay. Looks like you have been busy. I love your yarn and hope we get to see you while you are here. I still miss you very much. I am so proud of you knitting lace. I want to try that after the races are over. Sue Warren is going to help me and she is knitting the MS3 also. I didn't get in on it, but will watch for one next year. Take care and keep on keepin on.


I really appreciate you having the "courage of your convictions". Not everyone who considers themselves a Christian is willing to put it out there for attack. And attack us, they will. What is so disturbing to me is that the same people who push tolerance are the most intolerant of all.
So, go - have a fun time in SD and f'getaboutit!!


¡Vaca sagrada! Mary-Kay, wow! See what happens when I let my week get so busy I'm not checking blogs, you end up in a pile-on. Not like I could have helped much, but damn, yo. Well, I hope to see you on your San Diego jaunt sometime for knitting. Are you still on the San Diego spinning e-mail?


Right on Sister!!!!!!!!!!

Purple Princess

Mary Kay

I love knitting with you and look forward to seeing you when you get back. I still can't believe the audacity of some people and how things can get so blown out of proportion. From one Christian to another, I applaud you for how you have handled yourself.

Purple Princess

Bravo and well said Mary Kay. have fun and I will see you in August.


I'm late on this due to my recent internet fiasco but good for you! You didn't post anything mean or hateful or judgemental and I can't believe you got a bunch of flack for it. (Well, yes I can.)


omg! this made the Lime & Violet podcast!!! You're a rockstar, baby!!!


Mary Kay,

I had seen emails floating back and forth from Melanie and other about this and had no idea that it was you people were attacking! I am so sorry that this happened to you and I am impressed by the way that you have handled it all. I too am a Christian and am grateful for what Jesus Christ does and has done for me every day of my life!

Hey I was just in Catalina last Saturday... Too bad I did not read this perhaps we could have met and knit on the beach:)

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