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July 12, 2007



Hey there Mary Kay -- I'm not sure if we've ever met, but I saw your yarn at Knit Knack recently -- beautiful job with your dyeing!! :) Too bad I missed you at the knitter's meetup in Estes -- it was a little crazy. Take care!

Cathy R

Hey Mary Kay - you are certainly welcome. I'm so pleased to hear of five non eventful rows!! Sounds like you have it down, now. I can't wait to see the final product! Athough it is totally not necessary, if you are going to insist on yarn, I am deeply in love with your Emerald City sock yarn. So much so, that I am suprised that my fingers aren't green from all of the fondling at Knit Knack... You're the best!


That's really a good friend to help you with your project that much. I thinking of calling it quits with MS3. It's not really my bag.


Stick with the stole - you can do it! I just finished clue 2 this morning. Your knit-surgery friend is the best!

I love the pictures, especially of the Pope in the Pope-mobile... too funny. We have a Bucca de Beppo near us and everyone raves about it - maybe I should go see what all the fuss is about :o)

All that gorgeous Koigu is making dizzy.... and I may just be coveting a bit.


So funny. No wonder your husband has been saying, "Stacey this, and Stacey that". :) I guess we have been hanging out quite a bit this summer...I love it!


Don't give up on the Mystery Stole--you can do this :) Don't worry about getting the clues done on time(I'm not); just enjoy the process. That picture of the kiddos at Chili's still cracks me up--we'll have to get together for lunch again soon.


WOW. That picture of your mystery stole surgery nearly gave me heart palpitations. Glad to hear it's all sorted out now though. It's such a pretty pattern so far.
That picture of Stacey and her koigu turned out really cute too. You funny girls. :D


Saw your photos on Confessions of... came here and read a bit... then saw you are from Littleton area... My sister and parents live in Littleton -- small world. I'm assuming there is only one Littleton -- aren't I?

HI! Nice to meet ya Fellow PW reader. Ü

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