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July 25, 2007



Fuzzy belly! What a cutie. And my, what a big pile of someone elses yarn you have. Still something to envy. The colors are beautiful.


Can hardly wait to see you, Mary-Kay!


Oh all that yarn looks beautiful!!!! Sorry I couldn't come help you re-skein I wish I had known you were not done over the weekend I would have gladly come to play with yarn.


It was nice to meet you at Colorful yarns today.
(I'm the one with the English accent that received the adorable 'sales pitch' from your girls).

I love your sock yarn. The colours are stunning! In truth, your girls didn't have to say much -- I was already drooling over the Balboa Blue colourway ;o)

Have a great trip,


I hope we get to see you while you are in SD, and I love the yarn. Wow you have quite an operation going there. Love ya!


Yay! Mary Kay's coming to town!


Oh my goodness, those skeins are completely amazing (both in quantity and quality)! I am completely in awe over everything that you do! Do you give any time management lessons????


Wow, Mary-Kay, you were busy! I wish I could have helped you over the weekend, but I was helping Nathan get ready for his Alaska fishing trip! I love the new "Roxy" color, and Roxy the cat is so adorable!!

I just read your past posts, and I'm glad you're doing alright with all the crazy emails you got about the MS3. People are so ridiculous! There's absolutely no reason to be mean to someone who's asking a valid question. Way to go in standing up for your beliefs!

I hope you have a wonderful vacation! :)


We are going to SD this week to for my SIL's wedding! Maybe we'll see you at Knitting in La Jolla!


What a gorgeous bunch of yarn!!

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