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July 23, 2007



Ooh are you selling the new colors? I have to have some of the roxy!!! So pretty!


Sweet, I love that Roxy color. All of the new colors look great. I wonder if her stole has to do with Satan, but I could see if it had a Dante's Inferno theme, just because all of her Mystery Stoles seem to have something to do with a mythical person or literature.


Beautiful yarns!

Maybe you should contact the pattern author. That theory sounds a little suspect, though if she is a big fan of Dante, I suppose it could be an homage to a classic work of fiction.

Still, it's so much better to go to the source than to scare up more concern over something that may just be one person's misinterpretation.


Ok - ISH!! on the whole Mystery Stole thing - I may have to go chase that runor down because that would piss me off more tha if it was a pirate theme. Awesome dye colors!


Claudia, Yep, I'm selling that color! If you want some, I'll save it for you. Let me know.

Wanda, Deb, and Marnie, I'm going to email the pattern author right now. I don't want to be a spreader of rumers myself, but I guess I just did... I'll let you know what I find out!


I love the new colors--Roxy is very cool!

I cannot believe that about Mystery Stole. I would be very surprised if she did a Satanic theme--I would think she would have definitely put that out there before everyone started, because it would be so offensive to some people. I was still leaning along the lines of it being something tied to mourning(because she said it wouldn't be wedding appropriate). And just a side note, I loved Dante's Inferno--that is a great work of literature. Hopefully you won't have to give up Mystery Stole :)

So did you finish listening to Deathly Hallows during all this dying?

Stay cool!


Thought I would pop in here and answer the rumor thing about MS 3. Currently there are only 3 people in the world who have the full set of clues and know the theme of the MS 3 KAL, and I am one of them. (You know me as Melanie's helper, Christine, or Kato as she calls me). I can promise that the rumors are just rumors and there isn't any validation to them. Melanie tends to design "classic" pieces. I can promise that this stole has nothing to do with what you mentioned in your post. You have my word on that. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


YAY, so glad you can pick her back up again. I may not have quite the same beliefs but I can understand having certain principals and I totally respect those boundaries of yours. It's good to know that there was nothing to worry about to start with.

Thanks for your follow up comments.


I also thank you for your follow-up comments. I don't read all the messages at the KAL, I get "special notices" only. The notices I received around this entire topic left me confused, so it was nice to stop by your blog and get the full picture. I'm sorry folks have taken it upon themselves to do what I call "email harrass" you privately. Isn't it amazing how quickly people are to write something bitter, then send it to you? Many would never say to a person's face what they put in emails, comments, etc.

Good luck on your stole. I'm one of those folks who needs to see more of the finished product before I can embrace it!


I saw a picture of the stole on a previous post of yours - lookin' good! (I'm still on clue #2, but pluggin' away.)

I'm with Christine (above) who said it very well about having principles and living up to them. I'm glad you found out you can pick up those needles again - lace knitting can be a challenge, but it sure is fun!

Oh, I loved seeing the pictures with the mountains - I grew up in Englewood, and still miss "my" mountains.

happy knitting!
Nan C


Hi Mary-Kay -

I followed your link from MS3, and saw that you live in Colorado and had been to Estes Park. A friend of mine has just moved to Ft Collins from Melbourne, Australia, and is also a mad keen dyer (and spinner and general yarn consumer!).

You can find her blog at:


if you'd like to see her stuff and give her a shout out. She was hoping to get there in time for Estes, but was hoping to go to Fairplay this last weekend as a maker-upper (and she missed our local fibrefest at Bendigo)

Take care and ignore most of the flak you've copped this week on and off list. Most of us are sensible knitters, even if you can't all be Aussies ;D


Can open. . .worms everywhere.

I logged on this morning to all the special notice emails; sorry your simple question turned into a nightmare.


Cathy R

Aw, Mary Kay: I'm so sorry about the Kerfluffel. This was supposed to be a fun, light, summer project. I hope that you are reassured now and that you will pick the project back up again.

Other lacy things, with beads: Variations on a Frill (on Knitty). There is also a Silvia Harding pattern called "Hanging Garden" or something close to that. I believe that Leanne's friend Kathy is going to be teaching a class on that one at Knit Knack. It is absolutely beautiful and has fun beads around the edge.

Allena Jackson

Mary Kay,
I had the same misgivings that you did, and I am glad to have this cleared up. I'm sorry you've been mistreated, but that's part of being principaled. In this day and age, it just aint cool to be conservative about your beliefs. I am a traditional Catholic and we got flamed too. It amazes me that people can be so rude and hateful. However you must understand, that they just don't know any better. They don't understand your (or mine) beliefs, so they feel the need to strike out at you. It isn't personal.

On another note, you might like my site, if you haven't heard about it. It's about spinning, dyeing and knitting. We don't have a lot about dyeing yet, but I am gradually adding stuff as I can.

Thanks for standing up for your beliefs.

Allena Jackson


I love the paradise colors!
Ravelry is all of a sudden not letting me send or read messages, add or delete friends or groups, reply to group posts, and generally is giving me a headache. But I love it in spite of this. Really, I do!



I'm on "special notices" over on the MS3 group so I got the not happy e-mail and had to go investigate what the heck happened. I am so sorry that so many people got so bent out of shape over your very reasonable concerns!

I'm a Christian too and I am amazed at the intolerance of some people. So frustrating!

Just wanted to send my support your way :)


I found your blog through the MS3 issue and I like your blog, a lot! You are exactly the type of person I would seek out in "real life" to be a friend.

I am adding you to my bloglines so I can be a frequent flyer.

Terri Lynn

Wow, what a stir! I like to know what I am doing before I do it, not much of a mystery person, unless it's on Masterpiece Theater or Mystery (you know, PBS) or a KAL type of gal, unless, I really love it, I just am not gona do it!!!! Yep, the cheese stands alone!!!!! Just a rebel, kinda doin' it on my own! But I love a good convo. Always up for a sit n' knit. So glad you didn't waste time on it, it's going to be gorgeous for the looks of it!!!!

Your yarn is fab!


Hi! Found you via the MS3 fiasco after reading the special notice emails, and I just wanted to drop you a line and say that, as a member of the non-Christian community, I too am appalled that you got so much harassment over your honest concerns. The anonymity of the internet tends to bring out the worst in people, I'm afraid, the sterility of type lends toward misunderstandings and assumptions one would be less inclined to make in person. Sadly, some people are inclined to go on the attack whenever religion is mentioned - I've noticed it more and more over every day on the internet, and it happens on both sides of the fence.

Though I came into the craziness well after it was over, I just wanted to apologize on behalf the non-Christian community for your trouble. We're not all hateful and bitter, I swear! ;-)

Beautiful dye job, and good luck with the stole! Hopefully all the nastiness hasn't put you off from knitting it altogether!

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