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August 12, 2006



Dude, dibs on the mountain colors sock yarn!

I was with you at Lorraine's when you bought some of that stuff, that seems like just yesterday but it was quite a while ago, wasn't it?

See you tomorrow!


!!! I want both rowanspuns! e-mail me! paypal?


I'm interested in the Ashland Bay sampler roving. Please e-mail me.


I've emailed all three of you or left comments on your sites! Thanks guys!


okay, i want the manos, the ozark mountain stuff, and the pinky alpaca you dyed. plus i'll take some roving, but i'm happy with leftovers after everyone else chooses.

you're not ready to part with one of your wheels are you?

oh, and i was hoping i'd see you last friday! i'll be absent the 18th and the 23rd.

oh and ssk is slip knitwise, slip knitwise, stick the left hand needle back into both stitches (from left to right), then knit them together. (slants left)

ssp = (on the wrong/purl side) slip knitwise, slip knitwise, return sts to left needle, keeping them twisted, then purl them together through the back loops. This is an amped up version of p2tog tbl.

slip knitwise to twist the stitch, when you are using it as part of a decrease or something. otherwise, slip purlwise. purlwise slipping is just moving the stitch over... it won't twist it.


Dibs on the Odyssey!


Hi Mary-Kay, I'm interested in the lime green roving! Please email me.


I'm here from Erika's blog - I want the bucket 'o' sock yarn! Can you take a check? Email me!

Love the hawk - I'm in Seattle and have see falcons up close, right in the city. Amazing.

Krista McCurdy

Hi Mary-Kay! I want to buy the Ashland Bay maroon merino roving. Will you accept paypal? Thanks!


Wow! I'd love to get some roving. I'd be interested in the Ashland Bay Khaki and might be interested in the Peacock, but I need to run it by my husband to be sure he's okay with me spending that much. Thanks!


I'll take the Nistok Farms Columbia and Columbia Alpaca if they're still available - ! Wheels, what wheels???? :)


I got the sample rovings the other day. They are beautiful.

Also, thanks for the extra roving and the Kool Aid. It may get me to do some dyeing too.


Well, too little too late I see...I stumbled upon your blog just in time to see you sold out of pretty much everything *heavy sigh inserted here*

Yummy yarn & goodies to drool over however!

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