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April 29, 2006



Ja, I still have to do a post about it. I had total non-buyers remorse looking at the pics of your lovely Lincoln. I really should have snagged some. Later, when I have some room...


Don't worry Spaaz, I KNOW she has a ton more fleeces under that tarp we were snoopin' under. Give her a call!


Love the baby sheep photo! So fricken cute! And does anyone else think sheared sheep look like hornless goats?

Sheena Mowery

I got my sheep delivered on Sunday. So sweet. I named the Mama Lincoln "Sophie" and her baby "Daisey May" The little columbia is "Freckles" I really am going to enjoy having my "knitting and spinning on the hoof" See ya


That lamb is sooo cute! Love the fleece blessing.

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