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June 21, 2009



Your Mom looks just like you. Hope you get better. I think Leanne has the Celiac problem. I bet she would be a great one to get some advice from.


Hey girl, my cousin and her daughter have Celiac. It is a manageable disease, I know because I see them and what they eat. If you need any suggestions for food just let me know.

Also, did you know that the German Bakery over in Olde Town called Rhinlanders (spelling) has sugar and gluten free food? It is FANTASTIC! The cake is unbelievable good!!! Seriously, you can still have cake and cookies...just go there ;-)



awww miss Q cones suck don't they!
i am glad y'all are healthy and doing well round those parts. I am also glad the fawn was ok. *whew* i like a good ending.

p.s. i need to get some more done on my first toe up ever..but i was itching to get your yarn on my needles. I cast on the jens folly and it's soooo pretty!


At least with the diagnosis, you know what's wrong. I'm glad you got it figured out. You will feel so much better without it. You can also check with Chris of Stumbling over Chaos, she's a long time celiac, blogging, knitter. As well as Margene of Zeneedle was recently diagnoses within the past month as well.


Hey, I was watching The View a few weeks ago and Elizabeth has just written a book about Celiac. She has it and her daughters do too. Check it out. They may have the title on their web site. Barry's cousins all have it and seem to be doing well once they figure out the best things to keep in their diet. Hope your parents are okay..we need to chat, on the phone. JBTC


I have Celiac and bake my own bread. Pamela's Products mix is pretty good - of course nothing like regular homemade bread, but tolerable. There seem to have been so many recent diagonses that I'm really beginning to think it's the bio-engineered wheat. Amy's makes some pretty good frozen dinners also. If you like cereal - Chex has added four or five new varieties. Whole Foods carries a good selection of Gluten Free products and my local Wal-Mart has also started. Good luck!


Your sketches look great!! Your moms yarn looks so pretty. It's cool that she picked it up so fast and enjoys it.

I'm glad you found out what was wrong! Meeting with a nautralpath doctor sounds great! Quincy is adorable. Glad she's doing well after being "fixed" :)

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