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February 10, 2009



Ooh, Siberian Husky is the dog I wanted--but you have to be strong-willed and really invested in training and being consistent, these are working dogs who will take your house apart if you don't invest a lot of time and work with them to expend their energy. Tey are da awsum. But Nick was set on whippets...some day, maybe I'll get one from http://www.norsled.org/equipment.html NorSled.


Oh, I got so excited about the dog, I forgot to say congratulations on the airboot being booted, yay! Let's hope it's all good news from here, ya?

And did I ever tell you that it was actually a Siberian Husky (actually two) that led me into spinning? I'd learned to knit, and I was working at Berkeley East Bay Humane Society and they had two gorgeous SHs, and because of the stress and a seasonal change, they were blowing their coats. I collected so much hair from these guys, but the packrat in me couldn't bear to throw it away, so I looked into learning to spin it, and got my learn to spin kit from Carolina Homespun. I still have some of the fur, but I did learn to spin on other stuff first, and they were long adopted by the time I got around to spinning up their fur. One of my friends adopted one of them, and we used to go to the Albatross Bar in Berkeley with our dogs, barricade the pool table in the back and play pool. I'd feed Bear my ice cubes left over from my gin & tonic. Great dogs. So smart and naughty.

I grew up with an Alaskan Malamute named Belker, he was great, but not well-trained and broke my mother's wrist one night, being "boisterous." And before that, our family had SHs, but I don't remember them very well.

Beautiful dogs.


Yeah!!! So glad you get to take the boot off for good :D I had fun that night and loved the movie!

What a cute puppy! It would be a very fun addition to your family :)


Good for you for getting the boot off! Yay!

I'm gonna have to slam you on the dog!! Just kidding, as if I care, but you asked not to be, so then I had to be contrary! Have fun on your next adventure!


Congrats on the foot freedom... that's got to feel gooooooood!
Oooh a new pup. How exciting. Happy searching for your new family member.


Yay for giving the boot the boot! Coraline was a fun movie, wasn't it? I took the kids this weekend. I'm having another sit n' spin the last Sat. of the month you should try to come up. Miss ya


I concur that the Siberians are strong willed but what beautiful, loving animals they are. We has our femaile, Mischa, for 17 wonderful years; she looked just like the pup above with those ice blue eyes. She pulled my two boys as babies, toddlers and boys on a sled with her harness in the winter and loved it and they did too. As an older lady, already deaf, she was a wonderful mother to my dachshund puppy. They are wonderful creatures and give back all the love you give them and more!

Chris in WI

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