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August 13, 2008



Look at the air those two got! Nice work, girls :)

I say keep going with the sweater; I think it looks good and I'm sure after it's washed and blocked things will be even better.


Definitely keep going. If you want to change it when you are finished you can snip a thread at the line between the cables and the stockinette and pick out the row then you can knit a new ribbing down. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it's actually pretty easy.


I think Mr. Greenjeans is looking good, too! I agree with Kim-it will probably look even better washed & blocked.

Cool camera and great photo :D


Mr. G looks great...keep going! I didn't realize you used Manos. I used to LOVE that yarn (based on looks alone) and then I tried to knit a sweater with it. Nightmare! I feel your pain.


Oooh I love it! It's such a pretty colour too.


I'm going to try knitting it in a color as soon as I can dye some of my yarn.

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